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P1020486 BLOG 1 (1824 x 1368)

When I was told I could run a booth at the Xmas market, it was already late November and the market was on December, 14th. I had made only a few belts, so I got my skates on – or else I was going to have to try and fill up the table with just 4 belts . On the big day I had 13 belts, 5 skirts and 3 tunics.
In the end, everything went smoothly.
See you next year!

P1020514 (1656 x 2208) blog 2
Not a Xmas Carol but a Xmas skirt. Simple and easy to make thanks to a Deer & Doe pattern and an exquisite fabric from  » Etoffe des héros ».Mix these ingredients and a few hours later you obtain a lovely high-waisted skirt which is now awaiting its matching jacket.
No difficulty whatsoever except for the size which I very nearly got wrong as I was kidding myself that I still have an hourglass figure!

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